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What is Work Examiner?

About WE Standard

One of the main problems of any business is to monitor the efficiency of staff work. Also nowadays it is impossible to imagine the organization that does not use computers.

Work Examiner Standard is the comprehensive solution for managing staff work time. Work Examiner Standard enables organizations to quickly and cost-effectively monitor and analyze the activity of its employees in the Internet and in various applications.

Work Examiner Standard is designed for the needs of small and medium businesses and is aimed primarily at managers of companies and departments, IT professionals, system administrators.

About WE Professional

Quite often in big companies the key performance indicators are associated with evaluation of end results of the staff activities, and they do not account for the qualitative component and missed opportunities. Thus formally the employee can write the whole day for one task implementation, actually spending just two hours for that.

Work Examiner Professional system is the solution that will help to conduct qualitative analysis of working time usage and to find staff productivity points of growth. With the help of Work Examiner Professional every middle manager will be able to know exactly how working hours of his subordinates are spent. Thus, the system will allow to see the situation of usage of company time resources bottom-up at all necessary levels of control (sector-> division-> department).

Work Examiner Professional is designed for the needs of medium businesses (from 40-50 employees) and enterprises (10000+ employees) and is aimed primarily at middle managers, HR department and top management.


Work Examiner allows you to:

  • Increase employees productivity
  • Reduce non-working time of employees’ computer use
  • Plan time and human resources consummation more precisely

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