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Domain Sets

A Domain Set consists of a great number of sites grouped by one common topic. This feature is very useful in the Website Filters.

Domain Sets

Domain Set can include thousands of sites. How it works in web filtering: on the client PC web filtering algorithm is searching for the requested web page entries in rule’s domain sets to define if it matches to the domain set or not.

All Domain Sets together form the Website Content Database. Website content database includes 2+ millions of domains categorized by 80+ groups. It is updated on the every ~10 days and automatically downloaded if a new version is released. See Database Settings for details.

Also, the Website content database can be loaded to WE manually from the file, see more details on it in the WE Server Manager – Categories section.

If you have no Support & Updates subscription, or it is expired –website content database will stop to auto-update. You may check how many days of the Support & Updates subscription are available in the WE Serer Manager – License section.

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