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Work Examiner – Feature-Packed Employee Monitoring Software and SaaS


Work Examiner’s monitoring tools show every type of computer activity performed by your employees in real-time: web surfing, keystrokes, messaging, printing, or downloading. Diligent monitoring supports disabling any unwanted feature. Additionally, switching between Stealth and Tray Icon modes allows the software to run with or without users’ knowledge of it.


With the Work Examiner employee monitoring solution, you are not limited to tracking only – prescribe your own rules, block, redirect, schedule, or categorize depending on your business needs. You are also free to grant different levels of access to the dashboard and set up various profiles based on your company structure.


This monitoring software takes videos of the screen at 1 fps to reproduce all the user’s activities for further analysis. It can be done easily thanks to links to video recordings attached to multiple reports.


The software will timely inform you of any employee activity that contradicts the established rules to stop further violations. You will be able to back up your personnel decisions with videos of incidents linked to alerts.


All the activities tracked are conveniently transformed into clear reports with tons of important stats: productivity scores, active/idle time, activity types, attendance, and more. The reports can be exported to downloadable PDF or CSV files and scheduled to arrive at your email box.


Not only can you prohibit access to websites and applications but also flexibly allow your employees to visit certain web-pages and launch some job-unrelated apps within a specified timeframe. When coupled with notifications reminding the users about the restrictions, it will help create a more open and trust-based working environment.

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Work Examiner Use Cases

Productivity Analytics

Get productivity scores by activity, department, or user and assess productivity levels based on automatic or your own categorization.

Workforce Time Tracking

Replace archaic timesheets with your personal automated time tracker that will show you real working hours on a daily basis and start/end of the working day.

Employee Monitoring

Watch employee's screen in real-time or recorded to provide a get indisputable evidence of inappropriate activities. Record any computer activity.

Apps Utilization

Learn what apps and websites are used by your employees to understand which of them are instrumental and which ones are time-stealing.

Analytics Time Tracking Employee Monitoring Apps Utilization

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Goals to Achieve with the Help of Work Examiner

Paying for what you get

Work Examiner’s time tracking tool allows you to know who is late for work and who has too many coffee breaks, who works overtime and who wastes work hours on social media. You will be able to make informed decisions on HR allocation, promotions and demotions, payroll issues, and project budgets.

Protecting from internal threats

From preventing sensitive data leaks to eliminating cyberbullying in the workplace, Work Examiner gives you a lot of possibilities to ensure that your employees won’t get you into trouble. Its multiple features allow for implementing corresponding policies, timely detecting violators, and providing legally valid evidence in case of disputes.

Improving working environment

Thanks to this activity monitoring software, you will not only spot bottlenecks but also get viable mechanisms to remove them. Analyze reports on time spent by your staff in various apps and on websites and limit their access to distracting activities. Also, you will be able to identify the most time-efficient patterns to apply them across the entire workforce.

Switching to remote work

Your employees and contractors can safely work from home since physical location means nothing to Work Examiner’s cloud-based system. You just need to connect a required number of devices on a per-user basis to receive valuable information on how much time your remote teams spend working, how engaged they are, and what you can do to enhance their productivity.

What the Media Say About Work Examiner

About Work

"Because it's a cloud service, Controlio's employee monitoring solution is well-priced and scalable. It's also capable with the ability to track every aspect of an employee's activities with an eye towards productivity and potential threats."

Why Work Examiner?

Providing quality digital services for 15 years, Work Examiner is one of the best employee monitoring solutions on the market. This is proven by its top positions in reputable ratings and positive reviews from multiple users. It caters to the needs of a small company and a large enterprise while delivering scalability and plenty of space for customization.

The computer monitoring software can be used to monitor office workers and remote employees, thus allowing you to choose which product suits your business challenges best. Work Examiner’s solutions are fast to deploy and easy to use, not to mention the flexibility of its plans – pay for each user per month or yearly and enjoy special wholesale prices

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