How does Work Examiner work?

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Work Examiner is a client-server application installed in your corporate environment:

WE Client – installed on the user PC, collects the activity data, applies filtering options, can be installed remotely from admin’s computer

WE Server – installed on any computer or server that will receive the data

WE Console – can be installed on WE Server or on admin\manager PCs (in WE Professional only) for remote monitoring.



What will I get?

Real-time view of user activities on their PCs: live screenshots, active application\website, active\away status, etc.

Interactive reports with a complete view of what employees do on their PCs including many application and web usage reports, screenshots chats recording, attendance tracking, and more…

Control of user actions through web filter, web usage timer and application launch control, alerts that will notify you if a user opened restricted website\application

Automatic scheduled reporting sent via e-mail or save to a shared folder in 10+ file formats

Easy to deploy...

You may deploy Work Examiner in your company in 5 minutes:

deploy WE Server & WE Console on any computer (no hardware server required)

Install clients remotely from WE Console (if you’re the admin) on any number of user PCs simultaneously

Done! Get reports and apply web filtering policies, configure scheduled reporting and many other options: