How does
WE Controlio work?

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Controlio Cloud Deployment

Scalable Corporate Cloud

  • Web-based Dashboard accessible from any device&location
  • No limits for web console users (admins, managers)
  • 6 months data retention, custom plans
  • Multi-login web-based Dashboard access
  • Subscription licensing model
  • Highly secured Amazon Cloud
  • 2-Step Authentication
  • Offline tracking mode

Controlio On-premises Deployment

Benefits of

  • Get full control over your data
  • Multi-platform Docker container
  • No data sent out of your network
  • HIPAA, GDPR compliance
  • Managed data retention
  • Control your backups
  • Private Cloud support
  • AWS S3 storage support

Classic Windows Application

WE Std/Pro

  • Console, Server, Client app
  • MS SQL Server deployment
  • Screenshots recording
  • File downloads&uploads tracking
  • Perpetual licensing model
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