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Active Directory Integration

The Active Directory Integration allows to export company’s organization structure information from the Active Directory service to the Work Examiner database.

To enter the Active Directory Integration window, select the Server Options item in the Main Menu:

Active Directory Integration

and select the Integration tab:

Active Directory Integration 2

First of all, this feature is used for automatic creating of user groups and keeping them up-to-date in the Work Examiner database. It’s a good solution if there are a many employees in the company and AD user groups often change. You will not need to reflect the same changes in Work Examiner. User groups can be used in Dashboard and Quick Reports, Scheduled Reports, Website Filters and Application Filters.

Active Directory Integration can use the following parameters:

Synchronize WE user groups and users with AD security groups and user accounts – enables or disabled periodic AD -> WE data export (also called synchronization).

Run synchronization every – determines the frequency of AD->WE data synchronization. It is not recommended to make it less than 24 hours because of a high domain controller server load possibility.

Directly define DC address – uses an evident domain controller’s network name (IP address or NetBIOS name). Is used when default DC is not accessible as “\\[dcname]” or you want to export AD data from another domain. In the case of exporting AD data from another domain (rather than WE Server’s domain) it may be required to run the Work Examiner DB Updater Service (weServerDBUpdater.exe) under another domain account (Run As option for windows services).

Create non-existent users and groups – allows exporting of AD users and user groups that do not exist in WE. Usually it makes no sense to create WE users and groups with no WE Client program installed on them. This feature can be useful if you’re sure that will deploy WE Clients on all users and want to create some App\Web filters and\or Scheduler Reports for them before WE Client deployment.

Update WE users display names from AD user settings – allows to reflect AD display names in users’ friendly names. WE Client is using local user names, not AD names. Sometimes they can be different and this feature helps to make it common with AD. Also, this option is useful on frequent AD user’s display name change.

AD synchronization (also called export) will run in three cases:

  • on Work Examiner DB Updater Service (weServerDBUpdater.exe) start
  • on Active Directory Integration settings change
  • periodically every XX hours depending on the “Run synchronization every” value

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