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Using a Spy Application for Monitoring Social Media Activity

Using a Spy Application

It is safe to say that social media websites and apps are controlling our lives almost completely. The primary function of social platforms is connecting people from all around the world and giving easy access to the latest news and events. However, more and more people are becoming addicted to social media, spending hours upon hours scrolling through their feeds every day. Not to mention an abundance of opportunities for various online scammers, hackers and other people with malicious intent. This is especially dangerous for kids and teenagers, who are not always able to detect if something is going wrong.

Parents everywhere are becoming more and more concerned about their children’s well-being. Only a couple of decades ago, it was enough to teach kids not to talk to strangers on the streets. Nowadays almost anyone online is a stranger, and it is often quite hard to distinguish good from bad. Lately, many parents have been looking for an accessible social network spy app, which would help them in enhancing Internet security. Work Examiner is one of the best applications on the market for the purpose of monitoring Internet usage and detecting suspicious activity.

Why Would You Need a Spy App?

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Spy applications often have a bad reputation because of some misconceptions and possible misusage. Normally, a spy app is necessary not for the purpose of controlling and restricting someone as a punishment or in order to assert domination. The main reason for utilizing monitoring apps is the desire to improve protection and avoid dangerous situations that might happen online.

Even adults often fall for different types of fraud online. Downloading a file with viruses and putting your device and personal info in danger is also simple and could happen anytime. This is why having at least a general idea about the activity of your children online is beneficial for their safety.

Moreover, there are different features in Work Examiner that allow not being overly intrusive. It does not mean you have to read any message your kid sends or posts online. It is often enough to know what websites children visit and allow reliable ones while blocking suspicious or adult platforms.

How to Monitor Social Media Activity with Work Examiner?


Many spy apps might be confusing or difficult to navigate, especially if you are not an advanced computer user. Work Examiner is designed in a user-friendly way to be accessible and helpful for everyone.

First of all, you will need to download the app from the official website. Both downloading and installation will be completed in just a few minutes. After that, the application is ready for you to use. You can use it for monitoring on a single device or even on multiple ones. For example, if you have more than one computer at home and you want to monitor the activity of your child, you will need to install the app on both or multiple devices. One of them will serve as an Admin, allowing monitoring the activity on all the other computers.

There are a number of handy features included in the Work Examiner app. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Website monitoring – with this feature, you will be able to receive statistics about all websites that were accessed from your computer. It will indicate the exact computer, user and specific websites. Website categories are also available, such as social media platforms and others. The time spent on each webpage will be visible as well. You will see the amount of time spent every hour, day and week;
  • Files management – you will see files downloaded and uploaded from your devices, as well as websites they were downloaded from;
  • Capturing screenshots – record screenshots of any window opened by monitored users. This feature works both in real time and in a recorded version. The screenshots are not captured when the user is not active on the computer in order to save space. The images can be converted in a convenient format as well;
  • Blocking websites – you can filter websites in a few different methods. If you do not want your children to go on certain websites, you can block them by adding their addresses to a block list. There is a convenient option of blocking whole website categories at once. This way you can block all adult websites, gambling platforms, mature content and so on. Another handy option is blocking every website except those added to a white list. This is especially helpful for younger children who are permitted to visit only a couple of child-friendly websites;
  • Notifications – you can set up notifications that will pop up on the Admin computer every time an unwanted or suspicious website is being accessed. There are also settings that allow notifications showing up when a user accesses banned websites, so they can go back. It is possible to set up redirection to a safe site as well.

With these features and others available through Work Examiner, it becomes much easier to keep the high level of Internet safety. A wide range of websites not only contains mature content that is not suitable for children, but also plenty of advertisement and potential viruses. However, safe Internet browsing is something applicable to everyone and not only to children. With Work Examiner, you can protect your household and even working space in a big company. Try using Work Examiner for enhancing your Internet experience and security.

Article Photo © Alan Levine | Flickr

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