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Monitoring Internet Activity with Sentry Software

Monitoring Internet Activity with Sentry Software

Almost anyone can access the Internet easily nowadays. This is a great source of information and news, as well as means of communication with people all around the globe. Not so long ago, we had to go to libraries for getting any necessary info and drive hundreds of miles to see our friends and loved ones. Thanks to the Internet, any of the above is possible within mere seconds.

However, despite all the benefits of the World Wide Web, there are some drawbacks and even threats, especially for children. There is plenty of content not advised for minors, not to mention adult people with malicious intent. This is why parents have started searching for modern ways of protecting their children, such as social sentry software.

Is Monitoring Software Bad?

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This is a tricky question. We all know how parents can be overprotective or controlling when it comes to their kids. It is never a good solution to control a child to such an extent as if he or she is a prisoner.

On the other hand, there is a healthy way of utilizing monitoring applications for child protection. It is the responsibility of parents to allow minors on kids-safe and trustworthy websites. Sometimes children might go on adult sites or gambling platforms accidentally, which is also potentially dangerous and inappropriate.

There are many instances of adults molesting and abusing children online, which has to be monitored. Dangerous situations like kidnapping could be avoided if parents had known about the suspicious communications of their kids online.

Using Internet Monitoring Software for Child Protection

Work Examiner is among top employee monitoring applications on today’s digital scene. It is downloadable from the official website and installed breezily. The user-friendly layout and handy features allow using it instantly after installation.

Here are some of the best features:

  • Website monitoring – learn the sites that were visited and how much time was spent on them;
  • Downloads and uploads – track the files being downloaded and uploaded from computers at your household;
  • Website blocking – block any unwanted websites. You can ban specific addresses or even categories of sites, such as social media, adult sites, gambling websites and more;
  • Email capturing – find out about any suspicious communication via electronic mail.

With Work Examiner, it is easy to increase your Internet safety and avoid downloading malicious software, visiting suspicious websites and communicating with online scammers.

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