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The Efficient Social Media Management at Work

The Efficient Social Media Management at Work

Pretty much everyone has a profile on at least one of the popular social media websites. However, more often people have multiple accounts on different platforms. Even in the business sphere, the usage of social media has become an efficient modern solution for advertising, selling and growing the client base.

Unfortunately, browsing through social media might be extremely time-consuming and even harmful. This is why major companies actively use social media filtering software. The general productivity of the workers can decrease considerably with social media access left without proper management.

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But not only employees’ performance is at stake. Some issues with security might arise as well. Uncontrollable access to any website might lead to downloading malicious software by accident or even attracting hackers hunting for private company data.

Some business owners resort to banning all social media completely. This is not the most effective solution. Blocking social media websites is too restrictive and might result in an unhealthy working environment. The most efficient strategy is allowing some of the most popular websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Making them available only for a certain time is also acceptable. For example, providing your employees with social media access during a break is a nice way of helping them relax.

Work Examiner is a handy tool that allows the blocking and filtering of any websites. With it, you can ban specific addresses or even whole categories like social media, adult websites, gambling sites and so on. It is easy to set a time limit on the usage of certain websites in order to ensure maximum productivity from your employees. This program is user-friendly and has a variety of helpful features

Blocking websites, creating filters, monitoring the Internet activity of the staff has never been this easy. Check out the advantages of this app.

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