Monitor employee internet usage at work

Why Work Examiner?

  • 30+ web usage reports
  • scheduled reports via e-mail
  • export to popular file formats
  • easy to deploy
  • 100% stealth work

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Web usage analytics

30+ Summary and detailed reports based on sites, categories, users, computers, user groups, hours, weeks, days…

Scheduled reports

Get pre-configured reports to your e-mail: e.g. receive previous week web usage data every Monday

Export capabilities

Save any Internet usage report to PDF, XLS, RTF, XML, HTML…

Easy to deploy

Install Work Examiner in your network in several clicks and start to monitor Internet usage instantly!

Stealth mode

Work Examiner will work stealth on user’s PC: no icons, processes and windows visible. And no problems with anti-viruses.

Work Examiner is not Internet usage monitoring software only, it can also:

  • Totally computer usage time (apps + web)
  • Restrict web access and block programs by various filtering policies
  • Collect screenshots, keystrokes, chat conversations, e-mails received\sent
  • Show PC usage data in real-time
  • Monitor files usage, block USB drives
  • More…


Enjoyed WE’s ability to track active and idle surfing time

Michael Bradley, CIO

Nice tool, provides a lot of graphs and in-depth Internet usage data.

Wanessa Lee, System Administrator

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