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Is it Possible to Limit Your Social Networking Screen Time?

Is it Possible to Limit Your Social Networking Addiction?

With the rise of dozens or even hundreds of different social media platforms, it is safe to say that we depend on them heavily. How many people around you are actually not influenced by any of the social media websites? How many people you know do not have at least one profile on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest? There are just too many options that cannot be completely avoided.

We all have this one app we spend too much time on. For example, let us look at Twitter. This is a source of news in the world and in the circle of your friends and interests. It is so easy to open it up and start scrolling, reading anything to kill some time while standing in line, taking a bus to work or waiting for your food to heat up in a microwave. Every time you think that you are going to scroll a little and that's about it. However, if you combine all these short periods of scrolling through your feed, you will realize that you can spend hours a day doing so.

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Sooner or later, everyone starts to realize that they need to resolve this problem somehow. Social media platforms are taking too much of our time which could be spent much more efficiently. One of the most popular decisions is simply gathering all your will and strength in order to delete an addictive app or apps. However, this is not very effective in most cases. Eventually, the apps are always downloaded again, bringing this addiction back.

But are there any other solutions for limiting the time you spend on social media? Of course, there is a variety of approaches, and one of them has appeared quite recently.

Using the Screen Time Feature to Limit Social Media Usage

Naturally, you can use the trusty Pomodoro technique to improve your time management. Setting a timer for a certain period and allowing yourself to use social media apps only for the said time can be useful. However, if you had this self-control, you would not need any help with limiting the use of such apps in the first place.

One of the newest and actually efficient solutions is utilizing the latest Apple features. Screen Time allows setting a limit on social media applications altogether or on some of those installed on your device. But what apps are social networking on Screen Time? Which programs exactly are considered to be social networks? This is actually easy to check on your iPhone or iPad.

First of all, you will need to have iOS 12 (or later versions) installed. After that, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Select Screen Time;
  3. Open App Limits:
  4. Add a new limit;
  5. Tap on Social Networking and see the list.

There are multiple categories of apps, and one of them is social networking. If you tap on it, there will be a list of apps on your device that are considered social applications. They usually include social media platforms and messaging apps.

The latest Apple features - limiting screen time of applications

From there, you are free to limit all the apps listed or select only those you want to use less. After making your choice and clicking Add, there will be options for time customization. Simply choose how much time you want these apps to be available within a single day. After setting the limit, you will receive notifications when time is almost up for using an application, or when it is time to stop completely.

Tracking Time Spent on Social Media Websites

It is not a secret that social media websites can take too much time from our daily routine. How often do you say to yourself that you will just quickly check what is going on Facebook or Instagram but end up scrolling for at least half an hour? This is why many people decide to find an app to track time on social media for reducing the usage of such sites.

To start managing your social media presence, it is important to learn how much time you actually spend on each of these websites. This is not easy to do manually as people usually visit websites like Twitter multiple times a day. In this instance, it is much easier to utilize some kind of application to determine the exact time.

Application for Monitoring Social Media Usage

Work Examiner is one of the tools that can easily help you with this issue. You can download this app from the official website and start working in a matter of minutes. This application is user-friendly, and navigating through its features and options is intuitive.

One of the main features is tracking Internet activity. You can enjoy regular statistics on how much time is spent when browsing specific websites. This is handy if you want to know the exact amount of time spent on certain websites like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. Another option is time consumption by categories. This allows seeing the time devoted to browsing social media platforms altogether. In addition, you can see the time spent on these websites within a specific hour, day or even week.

This is a perfect solution for any household or working place. If you are a parent and want to manage the time your children spend on the Internet, you can install Work Examiner on a computer at home. If you have more than one computer, one of them can be an Admin one, which allows seeing statistics for all the other devices

Work Examiner is extremely useful for Internet Monitoring in a company environment. Tracking the time your employees spend on social media websites will help in increasing productivity and achieving peak efficiency. You can also set time limits for websites, making them available for a certain period of time. Allowing Twitter and Facebook for half an hour per day is an effective strategy for boosting productivity and avoiding time wasting.

This is a handy method of managing your social media usage, so try it yourself!

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