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Monitoring the Social Media Activity of Your Workers

Monitoring the Social Media Activity of Your Workers

It is hard to imagine modern society without any social media. There are so many of them at the moment, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. New social websites appear every day. Not only do they influence our day-to-day life but also the way we behave and perform at work. This leads to more and more employers monitoring employees social media while they are at the working place.

Various studies show that employees actually use social media quite often for reasons unrelated to work. This explains the importance of keeping track of such activity to a certain extent.

Is Social Media Bad or Good?

Boost Productivity
of Your Employees!

Social media websites are not inherently bad even for work. They provide employees with some rest they all need during work. After spending some time on their favorite websites, their general productivity might also increase because the workers become ready to return to their tasks.

Another good use of social media is promoting the company name and making it more recognizable. The staff can share general info about their work or discuss their positive experiences. This is a genuine form of advertising.

However, employees might also use the Internet for some illegal activities or harassing their coworkers. There are situations when a worker uses the company Internet in order to do something illicit. In this case, the company might be brought to justice. It is important to monitor social media activity because it helps in preventing unwanted situations like this.

Implement Official Internet Usage Policies

The main purposes of monitoring the social media activity of your employees are keeping their productivity high and preventing illegal and harmful situations. In order to stay on the same page with your team, it is advised to design an Internet Usage Policy

Such a policy is incredibly helpful if you want to implement transparent rules regarding Internet usage at the workplace. These rules are not intended to restrict the employees, but to keep them away from distractions and boost their performance. This is also beneficial for the workers themselves, as top-quality performance is often rewarded with bonuses and even promotions.

By keeping the regulations clear and simple, you will ensure a trusting relationship with the employees. There is no room for misunderstandings when the rules of the company are transparent and signed by both parties.

An Internet Usage Policy should cover the following issues:

  • Is it allowed to spend time on social media websites while at work?
  • How much time can an employee spend on their social media pages?
  • Are there any banned websites or groups of websites?
  • Is the Internet activity monitored on the company equipment, such as computers, laptops, tablets?
  • What are the consequences of violating the policy?

It is up to an employer to decide whether social media usage for recreational purposes should be allowed at work. It is illegal to demand any personal information from the accounts of your workers, although the fact of accessing such websites can be regulated. By allowing your personnel to spend some time on social media, you can boost their productivity and increase general satisfaction with their working conditions.

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