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Is Monitoring Social Media Usage of Your Employees Necessary?

Is Monitoring Social Media Usage of Your Employees Necessary?

The main task of every business owner is to create such conditions that will enhance the staff’s productivity. While the Internet is extremely convenient and essential for almost any company, it is also one of the major distractions. Especially, if it is not managed properly. Nowadays, monitoring employee use of social media is a winning strategy for every employer. However, it is not as easy as it might seem, and the whole process should be taken responsibly.

While there are plenty of employee monitoring software options on the market, only a few are equally user-friendly and multifunctional. Work Examiner is one of the most efficient and accessible programs. But why is such monitoring important in the first place? What is the correct approach in this situation? We will answer the most common questions below.

What Are the Reasons Behind Monitoring the Internet Usage of Your Employees?

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of Your Employees!

Some employees might think that their bosses control their social media usage in order to add more restrictions. Even some employers might use such monitoring as an excuse to control their workers. However, this is not a correct and efficient way. The main purpose of monitoring the Internet and social media usage is eliminating unnecessary distractions at work and enhancing productivity.

High performance is beneficial for both employers and employees. The business owners will receive more income, and the workers might get bonuses and promotions for their productive labor.

Almost any person has their own social media profiles. Often, there are quite a few of them taking a lot of time to check and refresh. Many modern jobs require Internet access for completing various tasks. Simply cutting the Internet connection off will not solve anything. But having free access might result in some employees spending time on their social media accounts instead of working.

This is why employers often decide to monitor the Internet activity of their team members. This helps in creating a productive and healthy atmosphere at the working place.

It would be best to allow some time on social media websites during breaks. This would allow the employees to get some rest and return to work with renewed vigor. Moreover, sometimes we all have situations when getting in touch with relatives or friends is urgent. It is necessary to remember about the human factor.

The Process of Tracking Employees’ Social Media Activity

Many companies use Internet Usage policies describing what is allowed and not allowed while using the Internet at work. Such a set of rules ensures that the demands of an employer are clear, and workers understand their limitations when it comes to the Internet and social media usage. This way each employee can know that their Internet activity is monitored and they should not waste time on social media when it is not necessary. This also helps in building trust between the employer and employees and maintaining a professional attitude towards their work.

With Work Examiner, you do not have to spend a lot of time on learning the program or hire an IT specialist. This application is user-friendly and highly efficient. With it, you will be able to block specific websites, monitor any Internet activity and gather necessary information.

The first step is downloading Work Examiner. You can do it easily by clicking the “Download” button on the official website. The downloading and installation take just a couple of minutes. After that, you can start working.

Choose one of the computers at your workplace to perform the Admin function. All the other computers will also need the program installed. From the main computer, you will be able to monitor all the Internet activity you need. Here is the list of functions available with Work Examiner:

  • Keeping track of the time spent on social media. This includes knowing the time on certain computers that accessed these webpages, exact websites, and users;
  • Knowing social media websites being used from the working place and the time of access;
  • Gathering information about search results found on searching engines like Google, Yahoo, and others;
  • Seeing downloads and uploads performed from all the computers.

There are many more handy features available with this software. With it, social media usage monitoring becomes fast and easy. Our customer support managers will be glad to answer any of your questions and make your experience better.

Article Photo © Liz Hardwick | Flickr

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