Internet filter software

Internet usage facts*

  • About 28% of web usage time is used inappropriately by US employees
  • Social networks, online video and gaming take more than 1 hour per day for average employee
  • 75% of security risks are initiated by users via on-line channels

More than 1500 companies all over the world have chosen Work Examiner

What worthy of attention internet filtering features does Work Examiner offer to the market?

  • Block any site in one click from interactive web reports

  • Web timer will show how much time a user has for surfing

  • Get an e-mail alert when user tries to access the restricted site

  • Custom Access denied page or redirect

Block sites in many ways

  • Simple URL masks (*\adult\*)
  • Report-based categories (reflects your look on sites grouping)
  • Content keywords (phrases met in the page text)
  • Domain sets (millions of auto-updatable sites categorized by 80+ groups)

Why do you need an internet filter software?

  • Increase user productivity by blocking time-killing sites

  • Protect from security threats and data leaks

  • Reduce network traffic load


It was very easy to deploy and start block the most of inappropriate web content our company

Philipp Anderson, IT Specialist

Cool and powerful software for corporate-wide web filtering! Enjoyed the web timer feature most of all!

Petra Wood, IT Manager

Work Examiner is proud to present unique end client-based internet filtering software:

Tracks the time (active and idle) spent in the website
Supports 100% stealth mode for the monitored user
Can show alerts and custom messages to the user on blocking events
Uses auto-updatable categories of 2+millions domains
And even more...

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