Work Examiner software shows how to block websites in several clicks!

Work Examiner web filtering features

  • Block after XX of surfing time spent
  • Get e-mail alerts on blocking
  • Use 80+ named web site categories
  • Redirect or use your custom html reply

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Key Benefits

  • Web usage timer

    Allows to show a real-time decreasing timer to user like "You have 15 min left if facebook usage"

  • Alerts

    Get an e-mail with user, time, url of a restricted site user tries of access"

  • Web categories

    Auto-updatable database of 3 millions of popular sites divided into 80+ groups will help you to block all Social Media or Porn sites in 2 clicks

  • Custom actions

    Show any custom message you want or redirect a blocked user to company policy page

Do you want to know how to block a website for 3 steps?

Step 1

Create a web filtering rule...

Step 2

Enter a URL or select whole web category
(e.g. Social Networking) to be blocked

Step 3

Instant blocking result (Access Denied page
is customizable)


We’re not a fans of total blocking and restrictions. With Work Examiner we’ve implemented a flexible web time control policies o give some free surfing time for employees during the office break.

Jessica Windor, HR Manager

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