Work Examiner allows you to block the necessary websites with just a few clicks!

Work Examiner web filtering features

  • Block after XX of surfing time spent
  • Get e-mail alerts on blocking
  • Use 80+ named web site categories
  • Redirect or use your custom html reply

More than 1500 companies all over the world have chosen Work Examiner

If you are a person who is not very technology savvy, you may think that Work Examiner is a really complicated piece of software, gaining insight into which will take an enormous amount of effort. Well, you definitely don't have to worry about not having enough experience with similar programs because Work Examiner was designed to be a really comprehensible website blocker for the users of all types of PCs, high-performance and moderate alike, that run on all available versions of the Windows operating system.

Therefore, if you don't have a seasoned system administrator to rely on, you can rest assured that you will be able to put the main features of this software to good use in a matter of minutes. Once you gain sufficient insight into Work Examiner, you will be able to monitor, manage, and direct the workflow of your employees in just a few clicks of the mouse without having to leave your desk. Work Examiner functions perfectly in all popular browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. It will be of immense help to any company, regardless of its size or scope of activity. As long as your daily activities involve the use of computer network, Work Examiner will be the restless supervisor that constantly provides you will the detailed reports regarding productivity and communicational activity of each and every one of your employees. And remember, all you need is just a few clicks.

But before we get into describing the three simple steps that will allow you to block the unwanted websites across your computer network, we would like to acquaint you with the major advantages of Work Examiner, just to make sure that you fully appreciate the awesomeness of this state-of-the-art software.

Key Benefits

  • Web usage timer

    Allows to show a real-time decreasing timer to user like "You have 15 min left if facebook usage"

  • Alerts

    Get an e-mail with user, time, url of a restricted site user tries of access"

  • Web categories

    Auto-updatable database of 3 millions of popular sites divided into 80+ groups will help you to block all Social Media or Porn sites in 2 clicks

  • Custom actions

    Show any custom message you want or redirect a blocked user to company policy page

Time your web usage: despite the fact that Work Examiner was designed as stealth software, which means that the user of a computer that is being tracked will have to idea that his or her Internet activity is under close surveillance, you will have the option to make the employees aware of the installed restrictions. One of such options is the Web usage timer that can be turned on in case you allow the workers a certain amount of free web surfing per day. It looks like a clock with a countdown timer, and shows notifications about the time that is left for an employee to visit any web page he or she desires.

Set custom alerts: Work Examiner features a special alert function that lets you know when an employee visits or even makes an effort to enter the website that you (or an administrator) have specifically blocked. These notifications come in the form of an e-mail that contains the name of the user that tried to violate the restrictions, the exact time when he or she tried to access a certain website as well as the URL of the particular Internet resource. Whether an employee wants to access the website from Google Chrome or Firefox our software will detect it and send you a warning within seconds.

Easy to categorize: the Work Examiner software comes with an enormous database that contains more than 3 million popular websites that tend to distract the employees from fulfilling their direct duties. Therefore, you wouldn't have to guess which website to block and which one could still be useful. We have done this work for you. Moreover, the unwanted websites have been diligently categorized into 80 groups that cover all subjects that can be unrelated to your line of business, from sports to pornography or even gardening. Work Examiner also allows you to block all known social media, the biggest enemies of productive work.

Perform custom actions: Work Examiner also gives you an opportunity to let your employees know that they are being closely monitored during work hours. For instance, the employees who decide that it may be a good idea to try and visit a certain blocked website during business hours may get a reminder in the form of a personal message that they should stop wasting time and get back to work. They can be redirected straight to the company's policy page that will also serve as a reminder that they didn't join your company to have fun but to work assiduously.

Do you want to know how to block a website for 3 steps?

Step 1

Create a web filtering rule...

Step 2

Enter a URL or select whole web category
(e.g. Social Networking) to be blocked

Step 3

Instant blocking result (Access Denied page
is customizable)

You see? Blocking any unwanted website is easy as one, two, three


First of all, you have to create a web filtering rules. These rules are designed to allow or block certain web traffic on the basis of the requested URL. Creating the rules is fairly simple. You have to open the Work Examiner console and get to the Home page. There you will find three main tabs: Refresh, New Websites Filter, and Edit Filters. By the way, you can create rules not only for a website but also for computer and mobile applications which will block the applet part of the overall traffic. Click on the middle tab and select “New Websites Filter”. After that, you will have to name the list of rules you have just created. For example, “Rules#1”.


Click on the newly created rule and you will be transferred to the General page where you can edit and remove the URL or perform other operations. Here you should enter the URL of the website you would like to block. It is possible to block websites using their direct links or masks. Decide which website you would want to block, enter its URL in the Name section and then click Add. The website will be instantly added to the “blacklist”. You can even block an entire category of websites, for example, sports or gambling websites. All it takes is just a few clicks of your mouse.


From now on, the website or groups of websites are blocked and the employees won't be able to access them until you lift the ban. The block is effective Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and other popular browsers. It also works perfectly on personal computers that may be connected to the Internet network in your office. You can set the Work Examiner network according to your preferences and use its great features which we have described above.
Work Examiner is one of the best, if not the best website blockers around because it combines efficiency and simplicity. It takes only a few minutes to install but it will keep the productivity in your office for years to come.

Purchase this amazing product right away, or try it for 30 days for free and out your employees' online activities under rigid control.


We’re not a fans of total blocking and restrictions. With Work Examiner we’ve implemented a flexible web time control policies o give some free surfing time for employees during the office break.

Jessica Windor, HR Manager

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