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Spy Software for Computer Monitoring: How to Win Over Your Employees

How to Win Over Your Employees

Theoretically, you can just demand from your employees to sign their consent for monitoring. Also theoretically, you can weed out those who won’t give the consent. However, in practice, it may turn out that you cannot simply fire somebody for the refusal to be monitored – this depends on both local laws and your company by laws.

Explain Your Reasons

Yes, you don’t have to explain anything, since you are the boss here. But more importantly, by explaining you reasons for the introduction of spy computer software into your business processes, you will be able to avoid many troubles, such as employees’ sabotage, increased tension and collapsing of the climate of trust at the workplace.

Experts agree that distrust is one of the main monitoring software downsides. So, if previously no monitoring tools were used in your company, then it is necessary not only to talk about the reasons leading to their implementation, but also to explain that this implementation is about your business needs rather than lack of trust to the staff. Even if it is about lack of trust.

Whatever your reasons for the deployment of spy software for computer monitoring, your employees shouldn’t take this as a kind of your personal fancy – who will be chill with being monitored just because you have rats in the attic? It’s quite another pair of shoes, if you explain the need to use spy software for computers as the way to reduce costs, to optimize business processes or to prevent workplace conflicts. You need to put emphasis on objective business tasks, the implementation of which will help your business develop or even survive through hard times. When your reasons are presented like this, you can expect more understanding from your staff, even if they are not happy with your decision to use spy computer monitoring software.

Explain Their Advantages

Boost Productivity
of Your Employees!

But why wouldn’t they be happy about your idea to monitor their work? Give them a couple of reasons to look at the situation from a different angle! Explain how they can benefit from computer spy software, too. Though for employees it can be really difficult to think of the computer spying software advantages, there are at least a couple of them you can tell your staff about:

  • They can get a pay boost or some other kind of encouragement as a reward for a job well done. Since you can monitor their workflow, this will give you a great chance to realize how hard they try, and to reward those who are really the best. Put emphasis on the fact that this monitoring will contribute to more fair and transparent rewarding. And this can be an excellent motivation for both computer spying software implementation and taking greater pains in work.
  • They can get an effective tool to monitor their own productivity. Explain that based on reports you will receive from monitoring software, you will be able to identify factors reducing the productivity and then to take measures for eliminating them or at least to fill the staff in on them. This will help your employees to revise their work patterns, so that they can work better, improve their expertise and, finally, move up the career ladder and get paid better.
  • They can benefit from reduced risks of working overtime and work avalanche. When a manager monitors how tasks are distributed among employees and can track their progress on the tasks, he can also timely reassign them to prevent extra strain on some staff members, while providing better compliance with deadlines. Nobody likes working under pressure and spy software installed on employees’ computers can help in reducing it.
  • Computer spying software will release your staff from submitting routine reports on their workflow. Since you get multiple automated reports on your personnel activities, there is no need for them to spend their time and effort on this tedious routine any more.
  • Based on information provided by spy computer software it will be easier to see into working conflicts that can occur in any company. You staff can benefit from fair and thorough investigation, both time and nerve saving.

Certainly, you can think of other reasons for using computer spying software your staff can avail of. Also, it will be smart to tell about real cases based on the experience of other companies, which have already solved their problems with the help of mwonitoring software.

Collect Feedback

When your staffers have got your vision of spy software advantages, it is necessary to receive feedback – questions, doubts and even anger. This will help prevent or at least mitigate rumors and speculations, thus improving the general attitude towards the planned monitoring. Think of how you can provide your staff with the possibility to ask questions and express anxiety anonymously – this will give you a more realistic insight, since your personnel won’t be afraid to speak out. Subsequent to the results, hold another meeting where you will answer the questions and respond to the concerns expressed by your staff.

Take Care of Legal Issues

Frankly speaking, you should do this even before introducing your idea about spy software to the staff. Clarify the legislative side of the issue with an experienced lawyer. The key question is whether it is legal to monitor employees’ computers at their workplace in your jurisdiction. In many jurisdictions, it is legal to monitor any equipment owned by a company, including desktops, mobile devices, vehicle computers and other gadgets companies provide to their personnel. However, this can be legal only provided that some specific conditions are met, such as monitoring only during working hours and only at workplace, as well as provided that employees are warned of monitoring and gave their consent.

So, you need to make sure that spy software is legal in your jurisdiction, to find out if there are any conditions for the legal use and to inform your staff about the legality of monitoring you are going to introduce. We can bet that your employees will become much more cooperative as to the spy software use, if they know for sure that you can monitor them based on absolutely legal grounds.

By taking the above-mentioned steps when implementing spy software for computer monitoring in your company, you will make the process easier for both your staff and yourself. And you can reap the best of benefits from this monitoring, having chosen the Work Examiner spy software among other available options for its best value price.

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