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Monitoring Your Computer Activity with Work Examiner

Monitoring Your Computer Activity

Nowadays, data security is all people are talking about. Scarcely a day goes by when we hear nothing about new hacker attacks, data thefts or computer viruses. And we buy antivirus programs, set passwords and update our software in a timely manner as advised by professionals in the field of computer security. But are we really protected from an intrusion upon our privacy? We build protection against external threats, since we believe that they can do the greatest harm. But are we protected from the inside?

Why Do You Need to Monitor Your Computer Activity?

The truth is that sometimes you can be betrayed by someone who you trust. Leaving your computer or mobile device without attendance at office or home, you can’t be sure that someone won’t get to it and gain access to your personal or business files, browsing history or passwords to online services used by you. Do you really want this? Think again, since many of us have both little and dead secrets stored inside the belly of our electronic devices.

Protection at Home

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Do you want some examples of real life situations proving that tracking computer is a good idea? Well, what about your spouse sharing your PC? Do you realize how many stories there are about spouses who entertain hostile intentions against their other halves and use information stolen from the computers to bring those intentions to life? From embarrassing photos and videos that are used for a kind of blackmail to corporate secrets delivered to competitors as a sort of revenge – there are thousands of stories that can be a wake-up call for you. And according to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers statistics, evidence taken from computers and mobile devices are used in court with increasing frequency.

Besides, each of us can fall victim to unfaithfulness. Would you like to be fooled by your spouse cheating on you? How can you be sure he or she remains faithful? Yes, you can trust blindly, but don’t you think that trust is good, but control is better? When you check and learn that your spouse often visits dating sites, this is telling. And yes, you can just ask if you feel that something is wrong, but nobody can guarantee you will get a fair answer. On the other hand, when you check and find love messages in his/her mail box, the answer is obvious. So, you can save much nerve for both you and your other half by monitoring your PC if you share it or even by tracking your spouse’s laptop in case you have separate devices.

There are even more threats to your data security when you have some kind of domestic servants. A baby-sitter, nurse, maid or gardener – each of them can use your desktop for whatever reason without your permission. And what if they use it for illegal activities? Definitely, you won’t be thrilled to suddenly find out that you are accused of something you didn’t do. But how can you prove this? Having your PC under surveillance, you can prevent such an unpleasant situation or at least get hard evidence of the intrusion.

And don’t forget about your children! Sometimes you need to monitor computer activity in order to take care of yourself, but in this case you should protect your children. Protect against what? Against pedophiles, death cults, sextants, radicals, adult content – there are plenty of threats to your child throughout the Web. Do you know that according to BBC Three survey more than half of the participants were 14 or younger when they first stumbled across pornography online? The newest NSPCC research revealed that one in three participants was exposed to violent or hateful content, while one in five reported about bullying! And this is without regard to harm from unlimited use of electronic devices. As a good parent, you should set a limit on using desktops, tablets or smartphones by your child, since this type of activity has a negative impact on kids’ health, and distracts them from learning, playing sports and other really useful activities.

Protection at Workplace

If your data is not safe at your home, than how can it be safe at your workplace? Even international giants like Google suffer from insider threats! If you are a boss, you should take care of its protection from unreliable insiders, who can be bribed by your competitors or obsessed with revenge for your labor practices. If you are an employee, you should consider your colleagues snooping for information that can get you out of their way up the career ladder. Intellectual property, corporate customer bases, important documents like financial reports or contracts, company’s correspondence – all these are of great interest to many competitors and this data can be fished out from your PC at the office.

So, the key question is whether there is a solution that can protect your PC at home or at work against all the above-mentioned threats. The good news is that you have even a choice of software that can track activity on computer. The bad news is that you have to figure out which one is the best one for you, since the tracking software varies greatly in the functionality and usability.

How to Monitor Your Computer Easily?

Based on the above, it is obvious that versatile employee computer monitoring software should have the following features:

  • possibility to assign different access privileges to different users in order to limit the access to certain files, sites and apps without preventing them from working with other files, apps and web-resources;
  • unauthorized access detection with some kind of alerts sent to you with the aim to inform you about the violation, so that you can take some measures;
  • both record and storage options delivering you the opportunity to review what was going on when you were out;
  • possibility to take screenshots and/or web-cam pictures, which can be used as evidence, if necessary;
  • easy installation and management coupled with little interference into regular operation of your desktop, requiring minimal computer skills from you;
  • invisibility to other users, so that they won’t be able to learn they are monitored, unless you inform them.

Having such a computer tracker, you will be able to monitor computer activity with little effort, yet great efficiency. Just find out how Work Examiner works to protect your data, secrets or kids from multiple electronic threats.

Advantages of Work Examiner Tracking Software

Work Examiner is designed to meet every need a regular user might need and even more. Look, how it helps to provide computer security:

  • The software offers a bunch of filters using which you can restrict access to certain websites and applications. For example, you can enter the name of a social networking website, and your kid won’t be able to visit it without your permission. Or you can designate a certain period of time when the access is allowed, and your kid will be able to chitchat on Facebook only for a half an hour.
  • If you want to constantly monitor everything done through your computer, use the tracker’s alert features sending e-mail notifications each time somebody visits certain websites or launches targeted apps. You are free to turn the notification option off at any time, as well as to set a message for users informing them about the restriction.
  • Every action made on your desktop can be recorded by Work Examiner – website addresses, dates of access, time spent on the sites, search queries in various search engines, downloads, keystrokes, e-mails and messages sent via the most popular instant messaging services and so on. And all these are conveniently stored in a secret folder and can be presented to you in customizable reports both on schedule and on request.
  • This computer history tracker provides high quality screenshots showing you exactly what a person using your PC sees on the screen. You can view screenshots in real-time mode by configuring user’s session options or you can record them by setting a period of saving for further viewing in a form of report.
  • The software is easy to deploy having little skills in computer technology. It is provided with Help Documentation, explaining all details of its installation and uninstallation depending on a version used, including the possibility of remote installation of the client. It works fine with antivirus software and doesn’t slow down your regular operations on desktops.
  • It shows no signs of its presence on your PC – no icons, no task manager process, nada. If you don’t tell anyone about the tracker and don’t use its notification option, nobody can figure out that you are actually monitoring your computer activity.

In fact, Work Examiner offers much more features and advantages and you can test them by yourself, since its Try Free version is provided for 30 days. Take the opportunity and monitor your computer free to learn how helpful the tracker could be for your data security and many other reasons!

Article Photo © Alexandre Dulaunoy | Flickr

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