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How Monitoring Software Helps Your Business

How Monitoring Software Helps Your Business

What steps do you take to make your business successful? Sure, you try to increase the quality of your goods and services, promote your brand on the market, make efforts to attract new customers and so on. But what about reducing your costs and improving employees’ performance? It is hardly possible that you do nothing in this area! Most likely, you assess your staff costs and try to optimize your workflows. Surely, you use some kind of work-time control and motivate your personnel to work more diligently, punishing them for idle time and rewarding for efficient work, don’t you? OK, but how do you make this?

This is where computer monitoring software or freeware can really help you automate work-time control and assessment of performance, also adding to your data security. The fact is that nowadays it is almost impossible to work in an office without having a bunch of desktops connected to the Internet. And you can’t be sure that your employees use their computers as intended, working hard to make your company successful, instead of playing games, publishing their private photos or twitting something online. Actually, you also can’t be sure they don’t do something unethical or even illegal like stealing your corporate secrets or sharing pornography. Would you literally stand behind their backs to monitor their computer activity all day long?

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Efficiency Improvement

In fact, you can improve your stuff’s efficiency in several ways:

  • By monitoring
  • Tracking software allows you to easily find out what your personnel are doing at the moment. You can see whether an employee is typing something or moving his/her mouse, as well as whether he/she is browsing the Web or using some applications. If no activity is detected, you will learn that your employee is away somewhere, maybe drinking coffee or chitchatting with colleagues. Or, perhaps, the person is just sleeping in front of the monitor? Anyway, if his/her computer is inactive, it is a good reason to ask what the person is doing, if not working.

    Still, when your employee has an active status, this doesn’t mean he/she is actively engaged in the workflow. Since the computer tracking allows you to view screenshots of what your employee sees on the screen, you can check if he/she is looking at a Word file or your partner’s corporate website rather than at his/her Twitter profile. Also, the software shows active apps and websites, so you can get an idea of who is doing what even without screenshots. And yes, all these are displayed in real-time mode, which allows you taking immediate actions on establishing workplace discipline.

    But what if you are away from your workplace and have no possibility, time or desire to control your staff in real-time? No problem, since the screen monitoring software can record everything you need and provide you with reports on your staff’s activities, when you have time for this. You might think that there is too much information to review and analyze, but everything is rather simple. The reports are customizable and you are free to decide what, who, when and how often has to be recorded. For example, you suspect that one of your employees sits on his hands. Configure the software to report you only on his computer’s activity, and you will get handy charts explaining how his working day went. You can choose users, subdivisions, branches, computers you want to get reports on, as well as you can set types of activities you’d like to monitor. By monitoring computer activity you will know for sure:

    • what your employees search for on the Internet;
    • which sites they visit;
    • which files they download;
    • which applications they launch;
    • what e-mails and messages they send;
    • how much time they spend online and so on.

    You can keep your eye on the ball even being away from the office on a business trip or vacation, since you are allowed to configure sending reports via e-mail. And as the reports are displayed in the form of charts and diagrams, you get visual analytics, which helps in making sound business decisions.

  • By restricting
  • But don’t you find that just monitoring computers is a kind of passive eye? Actually, by using a full-scale tracking client you can prevent your staff from wasting their work time rather than just monitoring and punishing them. How is it possible? Through employing multiple filters restricting or granting access to various apps and web-resources. For example, you suspect that your personnel tend to spend much time on Facebook and this is bad for your business. In this case, all you need is to block the access to the social networking service and your employees will be forced to get back to their work instead of setting status messages. And the best thing about this filtering is that you don’t need to guess which web-resources and applications to block. You can take advantage of that analytics received in the reports we have talked about!

    But what if your company has its Facebook account and you need to keep it up-to-date as outlined by your business goals? Smart computer tracking software copes with the challenge easily – you can grant access to a dedicated person or desktop, while prohibiting all other staff members from visiting the website. There can be another solution offered by the developers – you provide the access for a certain period of time and your personnel gets an hour or two for updating your corporate social media pages.

    But this is only a couple of filters and features you are offered to use depending on your business needs. Other useful options include:

    • granting access only to those websites and apps your staff really needs in their daily operations;
    • restricting access to certain sites and applications during certain hours;
    • choosing employees who can or cannot use the Internet or some apps;
    • redirecting employees who are trying to browse prohibited web-resources to your corporate site;
    • sending notifications via e-mail when somebody is trying to launch a prohibited app or access a prohibited website;
    • displaying notifications about time restrictions to let the staff know about time left.

Can you believe that free computer monitoring software is able to provide you with all these options? But it really can and gives you even more!

Security Improvement

Along with the possibility to monitor an employee’s computer for improving efficiency, tracking software offers plenty of opportunities to increase the level of security in your company. You can use both filtering and monitoring options with this aim, protecting your corporate data from evil insiders.

For example, you can monitor what kind of messages are send by your employees via e-mail or instant messaging services, such as Facebook, Skype, Google Talk and others. You can read every word starting with the date and time the message was sent and ending with files attached. Also, the monitoring client can have a keylogging feature, which allows saving keystrokes made by a user. So, you can set up filters to search for certain words, for example passwords or phrases associated with your critical data, in your personnel’s e-mails, massages, chats – this helps to effectively prevent data leakage from internal sources. Isn’t it great to get free remote computer monitoring software, which adds these and some other helpful options to your regular data security solutions?

The question is where you can get such computer monitoring software for free. In fact, there are quite a number of free apps throughout the Web, but many of them cannot boast the versatility and multifunctional performance of paid versions. However, you can get advantage of trial versions of commercial software – they offer the best functionality you can enjoy during the trial period, while considering whether it is worth paying for its full-fledged option.

Work Examiner is a computer tracking client that comes with all the above-mentioned features. It is easy to deploy and even easier to use for making your business more efficient and successful. And since this computer monitoring software free full download is available for 30 days, don’t hesitate and embrace the offer!

Article Photo © Masa Israel Journey | Flickr

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