Blocking Facebook with a few clicks using Work Examiner software

  • Install Work Examiner
  • Enable https filtering
  • Set up a web filter rule
  • Done.

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Every employer knows that social media, particularly Facebook, can have a really negative effect on the overall productivity of employees. It can be compared to an addiction: people are just unable to focus properly on the tasks at hand because they constantly feel the urge to open their Facebook page to check the news feed, flip through the photos that their friends have posted or see if someone has liked their own post. It is like a black hole in space that vehemently sucks in the most productive time of the day without giving anything that may help your company grow. Social media literally steals the most precious assets of any company – time and employees' focus.

There are basically three ways to resolve this annoying situation: to rely on you employees' sense of responsibility and hope that they won't be exchanging Facebook messages with their friends and family during work hours, but that is rather unrealistic; become a sort of despotic boss and threaten the employees with penalties of even sacking for wasting time on social media, though it will surely deteriorate the work environment in the office; and, finally, you can use the innovative software like Work Examiner to block access to Facebook entirely or partially. It means that you can block Facebook in the network on the permanent basis or give your employees an opportunity to visit their profiles on social media only in the strictly specified time.

What's also great about Work Examiner is that with its help you can block Facebook on all widely used browsers, such as Google Chrome and Firefox, as well as on all personal computers that have the Windows software installed. Nothing will be able to hide Facebook from the all-seeing eye of Work Examiner! Don't miss your chance to improve the workflow at your office. Buy and install Work Examiner now and it will definitely become your huge helper. Now, we will explain the main advantages of Work Examiner and provide the detailed instruction for its installation right in your office network.

Install Work Examiner

Work Examiner may be installed in your network in several minutes. See installation notes

Enable https filtering is using https protocol by default. Work Examiner allows to capture and block secure connections – just enable https filtering in Client Options

Set up a web filter rule

Create a web blocking rule using* URL mask.

  • Apply the rule by hours, weekdays, users, computers, groups.
  • Limit the time allowed on the Facebook per day.
  • Make it block, redirect and\or send e-mail alerts.
  • Web filtering technology is standalone and independent from
    the Internet connection type

Done! cannot be accessed more from the target PC(s)

Major advantages of Work Examiner

Perhaps you have already seen the offers from other companies that promote similar products. Well, they may be similar just in the name, but Work Examiner has a number of incredible benefits that will surely turn the scales in favor of our software. So, without further ado, here is a short list of Work Examiner's big advantages over the competition:

Work Examiner is light and really easy to install. This software uses only 200MB of your computer's memory space and works perfectly even on the low-efficient computers with microprocessor speed as low as 1 GHz. Work Examiner is compatible with all operating system, even such outdated ones as Windows XP. Therefore, you shouldn't worry about your computer network being not powerful enough – it will work just fine without consuming too much of your CPU (the usual system load amounts to only 1-3% of overall CPU). The installation process is super-fast and easy. All you have to do is click on the Download button, pick the required edition of Work Examiner and press Free Sign up or Free Trial (30 days) Download. The client installer will be downloaded to your device and from now on, all you have to do is follow the instructions. The overall installation takes a very short time, from 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the productivity of your computer or portable device.

Work Examiner can be installed remotely. Your employees, except for the system administrators, may never know that you have installed Work Examiner on their computers unless you choose to inform them of such novelties. Work Examiner allows you to block Facebook access on a network without having to leave the office.

Work Examiner provides you with an all-round comprehensive report regarding all online activities of your employees, especially their attempts to access social media such as Facebook. The reports come in the form of graphs and stats.

As you can see, using Work Examiner to block Facebook on your computer as well as on Google Chrome, Firefox is really not that complicated. But we will try and make it even more understandable to you by providing a detailed guide on how to block Facebook in just a few clicks.

Explanation on how to block Facebook access on a network

Software installation

We have already explained above the initial installation process but now let us get a bit more details. There are two main versions of Work Examiner: Standard and Professional. The Standard version implies that only one administrator will have control over the network, and will be able to block Facebook in particular. All data about attempts to access the blocked Facebook website is stored in the cloud. The Professional package obviously has a wider range of functions and stores data in special storage. Choose which one to install depending on your budget and the number of employees.

Turning on SSL filtering

Work Examiner gives you control over Internet traffic in the form of https filtering. This filter checks all https commands and data, and blocks the ones you have indicated. operates on the corresponding protocol by default.

Setting up a web filter rule

Your next step is to create a Facebook blocking rule using the URL mask. It can be done just by copying the Facebook URL and pasting it into the WE dashboard. Press Add and Facebook will be blocked instantaneously. You can adjust this rule according to your preferences (hours, users, computers, etc.)


Having performed all these steps correctly, you will block access to Facebook on all browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox and so on) and personal computers of any capacity. From now on, if an employee tries to access Facebook during business hours, he or she will get the notification or will be redirected to the company's policy webpage.
Eliminate the annoying problem of employees' lack of focus caused by social media with the help of Work Examiner. Buy the Standard version that will satisfy all your basic requirements, or the Professional one that contains the full package of options. All trials comes for free!


I loved the way to block Facebook in several clicks!


Itmay not just block, this tool can also alert and apply in working hours only – very useful.

Jonathon Hewitt, IT specialist

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