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3 Top Workforce Analytics Trends in 2023 and How to Implement Them

3 Top Workforce Analytics Trends in 2021 and How to Implement Them

While the importance of workforce analytics is acknowledged by 85% of businesses, many business owners and company managers have little idea how to put it into real practice. We have picked the freshest trends of 2023 to showcase the opportunities you can get with workforce analytics and Work Examiner combined.

Focus on employee well-being


Creating a healthy working environment for your staff translates into reduced absenteeism costs related to both physical health and mental problems. A study carried out by Gallup shows that employees suffering from burnout are 63% more likely to take medical leaves. Moreover, they are almost three times more inclined to change the job, which inevitably leads to a higher manpower turnover rate. Statistics also support a direct correlation between employee well-being and engagement, productivity, morale, and even employer branding, so it’s the right time to see how your staff is going on.


Boost Productivity
of Your Employees!

Do your employees ever take breaks? Are they long enough to go out or have a snack? Who of your personnel works overtime? You can get answers to all these questions by monitoring the computer activity of your manpower with Work Examiner’s products. They let you carve data necessary for improving your people’s well-being and preventing burnout.

Who of your personnel works overtime

Work models integration


As vaccination campaigns continue to unfold, employees are returning to offices yet uneagerly. A survey by Boston Consulting Group reveals that 89% of global manpower wants to work remotely at least from time to time. And another report says that 42% of current remote workers are going to quit if their companies fail to provide this option. So, attracting and retaining talents go hand and hand with incorporating different work models nowadays, and you can cope with this challenge without losing productivity.


Controlio provides an opportunity to integrate multiple teams, remote and office, into this cloud-based solution for productivity monitoring. You can assign different roles and adjust various settings to perfectly fit your organizational structure.

Assign different roles and adjust various settings to perfectly fit your organizational structure

Going beyond HR


People analytics is usually limited to HR, which mostly covers hiring employees and tracking their achievements. But workforce analytics has much more to offer, delivering valuable data for multiple departments to make informed decisions. Their top managers can embrace this information to adopt required policies, introduce helpful IT tools, prevent security violations, and more.


Work Examiner’s products allow connecting multiple departments to track user productivity, set security alerts, and assess the effectiveness of various tools and databases, just to name a few of their features. Actually, they are an endless source of insights expanding workforce analytics well beyond HR.

Work Examiner’s products allow connecting multiple departments to track user productivity

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