Employee Time Tracking Software - who is surfing and who is working?

Managing employee time is major concern to modern business world. In the past, there were several disconnected components in time tracking, and an effective centralization of accumulated time data was a mess. With technological advances, today’s business has effective centralized tracking employee time system, which is a combination of hardware and software facilities. Time tracking now means keeping log of all big and small actions and assignments completed in any given periods of time. Time tracking automatically reduces overhead in other areas like payroll, processing or tracking employee productivity.

A fully equipped time tracking software allows an employer to monitor the activities of employees on different projects. A software solution (like the one from designed for tracking employee time allows you accurately record billable hours and make necessary modifications in workflow for greater productivity.

Employee time tracking and management software has different applications. If you hire out employees to a third party and bills the party based on human hours spent, you can give make accurate bills by reporting the human hours.

Workflow management and project analysis

Employee tracking for workflow management or project management is based on the principle of complete transparency of the work involved. You can monitor which task took too much time, which employees were efficient in completing a specific task and other specific data that you can analyze and make appropriate corrections in workflow management. Since there is solid report, you can accurately plan your future projects in a better manner by assigning efficient hands for specific tasks.

Software for employee time tracking, no longer only record timesheets and generate reports, but they can also be integrated into accounting system, billing system or even project management system. The less time an employer wants to spend on his/her employees, the more the requirement of an integrated employee time tracking system. When integrated into in-house billing system, an employee time tracking software helps to generate invoices based on utilized time.

Sure, you don’t have to employ a person at the counter just to record the arrival and departure of your employees. Efficiency of system that track employee time with paper and pencil ends there, you get precious little data from those reports. An employee time tracking system reports to you in a spreadsheet file, which you can access over your corporate network or over internet. You will accurately know where your employees are, even while you are visiting a different country.

Punch card readers to biometrics tracking systems are available in the market. If your office deals with rocket/atom bomb technology, expensive biometrics systems are needed for various reasons. If you do ordinary business in an extraordinary way, you have cheaper alternatives.

Consider the case of Work Examiner, a software program that helps your business from becoming a sinking ship. The Time and Attendance software allows the employers to track the activity of employees – separate the real hard-workers from those pretend to be so. You can monitor their arrival to the office, their rest time and time of departure from the office.

You can also track work-time ration on specific projects and tasks and create reports on any aspect of employee productivity you choose. The employees’ knowledge that their productivity is tracked can motivate them to be more punctual and productive.

A major section of customers of Work Examiner uses the reports to identify the employees that deserve a promotion, demotion, or firing.

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