Work Examiner: track the work time automatically!

How to record the time
spent on tasks?

  • Install
  • Configure
  • Analyze

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Work Examiner is a computer activity tracking software that gives a complete view of how the time is distributed between hours, users and applications


Work Examiner time tracking software is easy to install all over your network just in several clicks.

So, the computer time of all your users will be tracked and analyzed.


Work Examiner may be configured to send time tracking reports directly to manager’s e-mail: for example, every Monday you may get a previous week come in\out report on each user.

Also, you may use WE to prohibit any program or a website.


What can you get with Work Examiner
time tracking reports:
  • employee come in\out times
  • weekly, daily and hourly work time
  • active and inactive time
  • enhanced data filtering capabilities
  • interactive and printable charts&tables


We loved the way Work Examiner calculates
the work time – no manual data entry at all!

Chris Hazel, HR Dept

I get employee in\out reports every day.
Very useful

Jason Forin, CEO

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