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Business-critical operations require reliable tracking and control in order to maximize profits and reduce operational costs. Time and attendance software is one of vital employee work time management tools that make the entire difference between successful HR-management and weak one!

Let us have a closer look at what time and attendance software may have to offer your business.

At some point, successful companies overgrow their initial HR management structure: new development strategies demand more workforce and more computing power than human-based HR management can handle. Imagine a HR guy running from one workstation to another in vain attempt to monitor what employees are actually doing at their PCs! Funny, isn't it?

Instead of turning your enterprise into a funhouse or a derby field, it may be much wiser to install and use time and attendance software!

First of all, time and attendance software allows you to see which of your employees work hard on current projects and which are just pretending to be workhorses. Moreover, with time attendance software such as Work Examiner, it is possible to see when people come to office, when they leave and how much time they spend on 'coffee-break'.

But that's not all! Advanced time and attendance software may also help you track work time loads on per-project basis and generate comprehensive reports on virtually any aspect of your employees' performance!

The above-mentioned reports generated by time and attendance software may well be used as a stimulation material. According to multiple studies, the fact that the employer has full information about the employee's attendance and work time load distribution stimulates increase in attendance and efficiency of work at the office PC.

Many of our customers use time and attendance software reports to define which employees qualify for promotion and which are subject to downgrading or even firing!

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