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Keeping workplace stress from evolving

Do you know how employees’ anxiety, depression and stress evolve in time? How the main world changing events impact your business?

Employee's Worries Evolution 2018

  • 2001: We were stunned, and couldn’t believe it was happening. The images were horrifying, and it seemed like the world would never be the same.
  • 2003: At first it seemed like the only option. As time went by however, we wondered if perhaps we had been misled about their WMDs.
  • 2004: It was a shocking disaster, the worst we had seen in recent times. Our hearts went out to the hundreds of thousands who died, and millions who were displaced.
  • 2005: Global warming seemed to become more real, and we felt uncertain about the future. If the deserts continued to grow, how would that affect our way of life?
  • 2007: Words failed us at this tragedy and we were forced to wonder: Could it have been prevented? Is gun control the answer? Do we need to do more about mental health?
  • 2009: Although we were told the recession was over, we still felt unsure. We hoped things would start to improve, and employment would once again rise.
  • 2014: Initially it seemed strange, and we waited to find out what happened. After some time it remained a mystery, and we found it more and more suspicious.
  • 2015: As the death toll grows, we all mourn with Parisians. We stand in solidarity with them, and calls of ‘Je suis Paris’ ring out.
  • 2016: We weren’t sure how the vote would go, but it seems the UK is intent on separating from its partners in the EU. What the impact of that will be we still don’t know.
  • 2017: What news is fake and what news is real? We aren’t sure whether we should believe the things that we read, and start to question everything we’re told.

What is the world facing in 2018 onwards?

Every year employees spend more time at work on debating the breaking news and latest developments in social media. Workplace stress is rising and we offer our software that helps to solve the problem.

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