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Monitoring Remote Employees’ Productivity During COVID-19 Quarantine with Controlio

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Every employer expects maximum productivity from workers for the business to be profitable and successful. Maintaining high productivity is beneficial for both business owners and employees, as everyone receives advantages in the form of increased income, salaries, promotions and other rewards.

It is easy to monitor the computer and Internet activity of employees working from the office, as the workday is tightly scheduled and managers are able to physically see if someone slacks off. However, various difficulties might arise when employees are working from home, especially during long quarantine periods. In this case, monitoring software like Controlio is extremely helpful for maintaining productivity.

Controlio social media security system

We all know how addictive social media websites might be, especially when you are at home. There is a special formal atmosphere at the office, which helps in concentrating on your tasks and staying on schedule. Freelance workers or those who stay and work at home temporarily often have various difficulties while adapting to this working format. Even if you as a boss think that your employees keep up with a workload while remaining at home, they are most likely procrastinating on their computers and laptops. Not only does this affect their performance in a negative way, but the quality of their work might also suffer as they hurry to finish their tasks in time. This reflects on the company’s performance as a whole, which is why it is important to control their PC and online activity.

Installing Controlio and Starting the Monitoring

Some might not want to use monitoring programs because of the difficulties with their installation and setting them up properly. Controlio solves these issues by offering a quick installation. Even the most casual PC users will find the process of installing the software quite simple.

Installing Controlio software

These are a few steps you will have to take to start working with Controlio:

  1. Make a new profile on the official Controlio website;
  2. Sign in to the admin board;
  3. Download the software onto your computer;
  4. Download it on a computer of your worker you want to monitor;
  5. Open up the admin window once again in order to observe the employee’s activity.

Now it is easy to see the activity of a certain worker. You can also install the software on PCs of other employees to keep tabs on everyone’s performance simultaneously. There is also a , which allows you to monitor three people for two weeks.

Controlio Software Monitoring Features

Boost Productivity
of Your Employees!

The user-friendly interface allows seeing all the features and statistics in a convenient way. It is simple to configure the dashboard in accordance with your needs. You get to choose the info you need to see on the panel.

Productivity evaluation

On the main page, you will be able to see the overall performance of your workers. The visual chart will display the active time on the computers and the time spent on work efficiently. The idle time is also reordered after half a minute passes without pressing any button or moving a mouse. All this data is demonstrated in percentage, which allows comparing the productivity every day.

Each webpage and program accessed by the employees is evaluated in terms of productivity. The software shows whether the site or program is being used efficiently or influences productivity negatively.Categorization


All employee activities are divided into convenient groups. These include apps and webpages used for communicating and planning, business inquiries, unsorted sources and, most importantly, social media. Social media pages have to be monitored extra carefully, as they are a major threat to employee productivity and can often lead to a company’s information leaking.

Online activity tracking

Making screenshots with Controlio software

Another feature is designed for monitoring online activity specifically. In the tab, you will be able to see a list of users, their PCs, and open webpages. The status of users will be also displayed, whether they are active or idle. In addition, there is an option for displaying a screen of any chosen user. You will easily see what they are doing on the Internet through a window that will pop up on your own computer. This is helpful for observing whether the workers are busy with their tasks or visiting entertaining websites.


This handy feature takes a screencap of a worker’s monitor every five minutes throughout a working day. You can look at the pictures regularly and see how the working process went on in detail.

There is a selection of other useful features and statistics available for the admin profiles. Install Controlio in a few clicks and start monitoring employee activity even when they are away from the office! Enjoy increased productivity and create comfortable conditions for working at home.

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