Web filtering software: Simple and easy

What is web filtering software? To put it simply: it is software that will put certain customized restrictions on the internet usage by any other people. You might call it censoring software as well, especially if it is being used for filter the internet content for young children or office workers. Such filtering tools are able not only do some restriction to the internet websites but for e-mails, chats or social services. Depends on program it will be decided which content would be available to user or – more often – which content would be blocked. In all such software only one person will be authorized for the blocking action.

Our unique web filter software was created with the only purpose to help our clients to perform web filtering for any kind of connection to internet. As it is common among employees to surf internet during working hours which might affect the company’s performance, so you might need some additional help – like our newly designed program which allows you to put different restriction on internet usage and web filtering. You don’t have to worry since such restriction will be done only by you without users’ concern, which means they will see the alert message on the monitor about denied access while trying to get access to the desired website or online game or e-mail service. Internet filter software designed by our qualified technical group will also enable you to have an opportunity to collect some needed specified data about usage of internet, time of access and from which computer in the office the attempt was made. You may choose which parameters should be included in the report and how often you should get the detailed report.

You are not happy with workers wasting time on visiting certain websites? Well, our software will help you to block any of HTTPS websites or all sites except one or few. As well it is possible to close even TCP ports or to block websites by their content, key word (words), URL address or mask.

Our filtering software tools can be considered as client-side web filter tool which is needed to be installed on the certain computers, and they can be uninstalled only by the person who has administrator-level of privileges in the system. Therefore, even if the office workers are aware about such software has been installed on their working computers; they cannot disable or uninstall it.

Moreover, you may not block certain sites but put a specially created warning or alert message instead, so the office workers will be aware about applied rules. In case if you still need some employees to be able to access the certain sites, it is possible to do filtering regarding certain programs’ request only. Furthermore, our filtering software is able to redirect access to the company’s website instead of wanted site, and this action can be applied for all workers or certain group or even just few of them.

As well you may use following action: do not block the websites but instead some alert messages which can be customized as how would you like it to be. For example, you may decide to let your workers to have some free time of using entertainment pages, social sites or other webpages, so every time they open them there will be alert message or reminder regarding how much free time left for them. Also you may filter the age restricted websites in case you need to control we content for your kids. Just go the special built-in categories after software installation and choose the needed age group, so to be sure that your children will not open something they don’t need to know.

Also our web filter software offers you to get customized e-mail notification about accessing attempts with details about which user made an attempt, how long he or she was trying to access the restricted page, which program was used for that and what action was performed by installed internet filter software.

And what is the most important is that our program works in so called stealth regimen by default, which means that none of the users could be alerted about it. It is available simply because our software has no icon put in the taskbar, it is not presented in the “Start-Programs”, it is not seen in the window “Add/Remove Programs” or in the “Rask Manager” application.

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