Employee Tracking

Good managers are needed, because not all employees are alike. An employer absorbs and retains a person by properly remunerating him/her, to get his/her service in return. It is the responsibility of the manager to bring out the productivity of employees under him/her. There are certain instances where the focus of the employees shifts from their assignments to unproductive activities, a definite negative point for your business.

Employee tracking is necessary for the growth and success of a business. It is not appropriate to chat with friends over phone or online while one is paid for doing something else. Employee monitoring also helps the management to reward the performers and to identify bad performers to fix the issue. Deviating from business assignments at hand will, without exception affects the productivity of the company. Identifying early trends with employee monitoring tools is necessary to ensure the company succeeds in the long run.

Security spy camera used to be the method of employee tracking. Such a system causes employee attrition as reliable employees feel bad about being continuously watched. Modern business activities revolve exclusively around computers, the activity of the computers before your employees is the only thing you want to know. Installing an appropriate software solution can help you identify what is going on in your office from nine to five.

Apart from saving billable employee hours, employee-monitoring programs also keeps you on the safe side of law as you can prevent illegal access to copyright content or installing pirated software in the computers that you own. It also keeps spy ware, virus and malicious codes at bay. Since you monitor the internet activity of your employees, you can rip any unhealthy practices from the sprout.

Work Examiner is one such software, with simple easy deployment and intuitive interface. Employee time tracking software is an easy task with WorkExaminer. Managers want to monitor the activities of their employees at office, even while they are away. One can install the computer program over the entire network in a matter of few seconds and bring each computer in the network under monitoring. They also don’t have the time to monitor each employee with a pair of microscopic eyes. This particular program produces reports that are accessible over the network or online. In other words, a manager can monitor the activity of an employee, even while he is touring a foreign country. Employees will never know that they are being watched.

Work Examiner also has another feature that will tell you about the idle time, working time, and time taken to complete one project. However, the program doesn’t send you screenshots.

In simple words, you can ensure that the computers you deploy in your office are used for intended business purpose(s) only.

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