Work Examiner updated to version 1.6 (build 209)

  • September 13, 2006
  • added: autorefresh checkbox in Period and Filter
  • fixed: don't hide weserver by default when minimizing
  • fixed: store checkboxes' state in Filter
  • added: right click popup menu for Scheduler icon
  • fixed: memory leak in WE Monitor (wemon.exe)

Work Examiner updated to version 1.6 (build 207)

  • August 19, 2006
  • added: WE Sheduler - tool for auto logs collecting and reports generating
  • added: terminal servers support
  • added: catching db change event (i.e. by sheduler) in WE Server: reloads users, computers, applications, websites
  • added: firefox support (redirect is not currently supported)
  • added: new network interaction engine, now client count doesn't matter on WE Server performance
  • added: ping client before connecting
  • fixed: superfluous incorrect data in userscomputerswebsites filter
  • fixed: web monitoring for users with limited rights
  • fixed: bug with 'Computer is not connected' message when first client select
  • fixed: WE Monitor hdd requests optimized
  • other minor fixes