Do You Implement Monitoring Strategies in your Workplace?

Posted 21 April 2014 by Alexander Makhanev

You should, after checking out our latest infographic! Believe it or not, wasted productivity time costs U.S. employers an estimated $134 billion in their employees’ lost efforts.

Seeing as “time is money,” every hour wasted on non-company tasks directly impacts the company image, annual outcome, and overall return on investments.

There are many factors that contribute to wasted productivity, and a majority of them are lumped into what’s known as “cyberslacking”: when an employer spends company time on the Internet, and engages in non-work related behaviors that take away from work. Playing games, entering online chat groups, and uploading non-official files and images are just some of the many examples of this cyberslacking trend, often carried out by unsuspecting employees who don’t realize they’re being monitored.

A whopping 30 to 40 percent of lost productivity is a direct result of employee cyberslacking. FUrthermore, an estimated 25 percent of corporate Internet traffic is considered to be unrelated to work.

Want more cyberslacking facts? Click on our featured infographic for a closer look into this alarming development that’s taking over the workplace.

Do You Implement Monitoring Strategies in your Workplace?

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