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  • Automatic time tracking
  • User activity reports
  • Attendance (enter\leave) tracking
  • Activities control
  • Real-time monitoring

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One of the recent strategies in management is employee time tracking. Such a technique involves monitoring the time your workers spend on their computers in general and on the Internet or various applications installed on the PCs.

Work Examiner is high-quality software you can find in the modern market. It has a number of handy tracking features, as well as other useful functions, which allow easier human resources management and also increase productivity.

The Advantages of Utilizing Tracking Applications

Incorporating some sort of tracking software in a company’s work has been common practice for quite some time now. Some people might think that such applications are intrusive and can influence employees’ productivity in a negative way. However, the intentions and the results of this software are exactly the opposite.

Applications like Work Examiner are not designed to restrict employees but to help with time management and increase their productivity. Here are some of the benefits of this application:

  • Easy employee management – you will be able to see a list of employees and their computers, as well as when they activate their PCs to start working. This helps in finding out who is late to work and who comes on time;
  • PC tracking – with this feature, you will know whether an employee is actively using a PC for work or it is simply turned on in order to simulate working time;
  • Planned reports – you can customize both time and an electronic address for receiving regular reports on the activity recorded by the software. This way you will always be updated on the productivity of each worker.

The Key Features for HR Managers

Employee time trackers are developed in order to simplify human resources management and to control workflow. However, most applications have only specific features such as PC activity tracking or Internet usage monitoring. Work Examiner includes a wide range of features that can be monitored altogether in a convenient application.

To start working with this software, you will have to install it on all the computers and use one of them as an Administrator. From that PC, you will be able to view all the activities from the devices at your working place. Here are the main features of Work Examiner:

  • Computer monitoring – this feature makes computer usage fully transparent. You can monitor the time of booting a PC, logging into an account, using it actively for working with applications or the Internet, leaving it inactive while on a coffee break or a meeting, etc. You can see which user is utilizing which applications and the time spent on it. This is useful for knowing which apps and software are the most helpful for different projects;
  • Internet activity tracking – some part of the time an employee spends on a computer involves using the Internet. While only the most necessary apps can be installed on a PC, the Internet allows free access to entertaining websites and other webpages, unnecessary for the working environment. The web activity tracker will help to avoid spending extra time on websites unrelated to work, such as social media and some others. This is extremely convenient for increasing the productivity of workers;
  • Monitoring activity – there is a feature with a user-friendly interface that collects all the necessary info about your employees in one place. You will be able to see each employee, the status of their computers, open tabs, working applications and more.

Automatic time tracking

Work Examiner will track all the time spent by user on PC, from start to shutdown. Any application, website or even a window is tracked by active and idle time.

Based on PC usage data you can create a full image of
  • how productively the user was working,
  • in what projects and tasks the time was spent,
  • where there any inappropriate activities or not

User activity reports

Work Examiner shows how the time is spent by users:

  • what apps do they use most of all?
  • what sites do they spend the time on?
  • do they actively work on projects or just open app and leave the PC?

Attendance (enter\leave) tracking

Every user log onoff is tracked, every working hour is monitored, so you can have a complete view of user attendance and workload by hours, weeks, days.

Activities control

Control employees by blocking inappropriate actions and stimulate by enabling personal use in a limited time.
PC usage policies will create a clear rules of the work of what is allowed and what is not.

Real-time monitoring

Get real-time info about:

  • who is working and who ia away?
  • for how long the user is out?
  • what are they doing currently?

Work Examiner also offers powerful features for


It comes very easy to track office hours with Work Examiner software – no more timesheet manual filling!

Rebecca Moore , HR Manager

The cheapest way to know who comes late w\o any special cards and turnstiles

Andrew Rosenberg, HR Consultant

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