Employee time tracking has never been so easy with Work Examiner!

  • Automatic time tracking
  • User activity reports
  • Attendance (enter\leave) tracking
  • Activities control
  • Real-time monitoring

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Automatic time tracking

Work Examiner will track all the time spent by user on PC, from start to shutdown. Any application, website or even a window is tracked by active and idle time.

Based on PC usage data you can create a full image of
  • how productively the user was working,
  • in what projects and tasks the time was spent,
  • where there any inappropriate activities or not

User activity reports

Work Examiner shows how the time is spent by users:

  • what apps do they use most of all?
  • what sites do they spend the time on?
  • do they actively work on projects or just open app and leave the PC?

Attendance (enter\leave) tracking

Every user log onoff is tracked, every working hour is monitored, so you can have a complete view of user attendance and workload by hours, weeks, days.

Activities control

Control employees by blocking inappropriate actions and stimulate by enabling personal use in a limited time.
PC usage policies will create a clear rules of the work of what is allowed and what is not.

Real-time monitoring

Get real-time info about:

  • who is working and who ia away?
  • for how long the user is out?
  • what are they doing currently?

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It comes very easy to track office hours with Work Examiner software – no more timesheet manual filling!

Rebecca Moore , HR Manager

The cheapest way to know who comes late w\o any special cards and turnstiles

Andrew Rosenberg, HR Consultant

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