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Employee monitoring basics

If you are a business owner, you surely expect maximum productivity from your workers. Standing behind each employee’s back and making sure that they are working on their tasks instead of browsing the Web, chatting on social media or simply idling is not a very convenient strategy. But what if some of the employees, if not all, have to work from their homes? This and other restrictive methods of controlling a company’s workers are unproductive and completely outdated. The majority of the most successful corporations utilize monitoring software.

How to start to monitor your employees with Workexaminer

A monitoring program such as Work Examiner is a quick and easy way of supervising the productivity of employees while remaining not intrusive or overly restrictive. Thanks to establishing monitoring policies in your company, both you and your staff will know about this software.

Monitoring the Internet and PC activity of employees is not in any way violating their privacy, as a company’s equipment serves for working rather than entertaining or personal purposes. Each minute spent by a worker on checking their social media accounts or searching for unrelated to work information means wasted money for the company. With monitoring programs, you are guaranteed to minimize the idle and unprofitable time during a working day.

To start utilizing Work Examiner, you will have to go through a fast and easy installation process. All you need to do is to download and install Work Examiner on an admin PC, which will be used for managing and receiving data from all other computers, and on devices utilized by your employees. The procedure of installation takes a couple of minutes, and you will be able to receive the immediate results right after that.

The Monitoring Features and Possibilities

The Work Examiner software was developed with users in mind. The developers and designers put in the hard yards to make the interface user-friendly and intuitive. Through the program installed on an admin device, you will be able to see various statistics and benefit from all the handy features included.

The Monitoring Features and Possibilities of Workexaminer

Here are some of the possibilities that open before you with this monitoring software:

  • The Internet supervision – the online activity of all your workers will be systemized in a detailed report for your convenience. It will show active users, devices, web pages or categories used and time specifications among other information. In order to deliver the most precise data, both active and idle time will be specified down to certain weekdays and even hours.
  • Web searching data – all searches performed via popular browsers like Google or Bing will be visible for the admin;
  • Downloaded files – information and files downloaded from the monitored devices will be included in the reports;
  • Categorizing web pages – for navigating through the Internet reports easily, you will have the option of looking through the web categories included in the software. The program will distinguish sites automatically and divide them into social media pages, communication channels, entertaining websites, adult content and so on. This will allow quick access to any category you are interested in;
  • Automatic screencaps – the screencaps are customizable and can be taken both in real time and prerecorded. You can select how often a screencap is to be taken on each computer. The quality of images is also customizable for more efficient space management. The searching feature will help you find the necessary picture easily by the time it was taken, worker, specific device or even by an application.

One of the most popular and efficient features is website banning and filtering. In order to improve the overall productivity of your workers, you can either ban specific web pages or make them time-limited. The handy filtering options will allow mass banning of unwanted sites or even prohibiting all of them and allowing only those necessary for work.

The Websites Banning and Filtering by Workexaminer

Here are the features designed for convenient Internet filtering:

  • Allowing only certain web pages – banning each site one by one is time-consuming, especially if you want to leave access only to a few selected web pages. In this case, you will be able to block all the sites at one go, leaving only those sites that added to a white list;
  • Offering free time on the Internet – the best way for increasing employee productivity and commitment is providing comfortable working conditions. Allowing some free time to relax and recollect thoughts is a great way of increasing worker’s satisfaction. You can configure the program to provide some free browsing time so that the employees could unwind for some time and return to work invigorated;
  • Fast and simple category management – some web pages are generally unwanted in working spaces. This includes adult sites, gambling platforms or even social media. It is impossible to ban all these sites manually, and for this reason, there are built-in groups of websites. You can ban all the sites in a category just in a few clicks;
  • Customized notifications – you can create a special notification that will pop up when an employee goes to an unwanted site. This is an alternative to blocking web pages completely. After receiving a note, the worker will be redirected to a safe page.

These and more features will ensure a smooth and safe workflow in your company.

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Key Features

  • Tracks the time spent in websites and programs, log in\out times
  • Records screenshots, keystrokes, chats, emails, downloads, search queries…
  • Filters web sites and blocks programs based on rules you set
  • Categorizes websites by 80+ groups
  • Generates 20+ interactive and scheduled reports in any file format
  • Installs remotely through the network in several clicks
  • 100% Stealth: no icons, program groups, processes visible for monitored user


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Employee Monitoring

Accurate tracking of when employees come and leave
Scheduled reports on your e-mails on every users or department
Flexible policies controlling the work time and 'free' time

Reasons for remote
employee monitoring:

Social media abuse in the office
Company critical data thefts
Sexual harassment on the work
Self-control by trusted & creative employees


We never thought that social networks and on-line gaming sites may eat up to 40% of the working time in our company! Thank you guys for such a great tool that brings up our employee monitoring process to a new level.

Michael Doherty, CIO

Work Examiner software made a great HR job for us: we understood that some employees were stealing some critical data from our company. Your software helped to identify them and punish.

Paul Jameson, IT Consultant

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