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We never thought that social networks and on-line gaming sites may eat up to 40% of the working time in our company! Thank you guys for such a great tool that brings up our employee monitoring process to a new level.

Michael Doherty   CIO

Work Examiner software made a great HR job for us: we understood that some employees were stealing some critical data from our company. Your software helped to identify them and punish.

Paul Jameson   IT Consultant

It comes very easy to track office hours with Work Examiner software – no more timesheet manual filling!

Rebecca Moore   HR Manager

The cheapest way to know who comes late w\o any special cards and turnstiles. Quick and informative support was also appreciated.

Andrew Rosenberg   HR Consultant

We’re not a fans of total blocking and restrictions. With Work Examiner we’ve implemented a flexible web time control policies o give some free surfing time for employees during the office break.

Jessica Windor   HR Manager

It may not just block, this tool can also alert and apply in working hours only – that was very useful.

Jonathon Hewitt   IT Specialist

It was very easy to deploy and start block the most of inappropriate web content our company. No special experience required.

Philipp Anderson   IT Specialist

Cool and powerful software for corporate-wide web filtering! Enjoyed the web timer feature most of all. Our employees get 20min of the Facebook per day :)

Petra Wood   IT Manager

I get employee work time distribution reports every day. We like category-based reports that show if they spend time on News sites or Corporate portal resources.

Jason Forin   CEO

This powerful monitoring software helped us to find who was cheating in the company. We had a lot of screenshots and keylogs proving that facts.

Nick Berg   Sys Admin

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