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Web Usage Control

How much time do they spend on the web?

  • Detailed web usage reports
  • Surfing time analytics
  • Content-based site blocking
  • Alerts on restricted access
  • Web usage timer


What are they doing and talking about?

  • Screenshots
  • Capture emails
  • Log keystrokes
  • Log IM and chat conversations
  • 100% stealth

Work Time Tracking

How is the work time used?
    Who comes in late and leaves early?

  • Tracking of all PC activities
  • Log in\out reports
  • Block games and other apps


Easy to use internet tracking software with reporting, filtering and surveillance features. The Standard edition provides full control over your employees' computer activities. Designed for small networks with 3-50 PC's.

Learn more about Work Examiner Standard.


A powerful solution for monitoring corporate work time with enhanced security and scalability. This employee tracking software is a perfect fit for companies with 50-2000 employees.

Learn more about Work Examiner Professional.

Work Examiner 3.6 updated (build 423)

  • fix: Google Chrome ver.43 tracking
  • fix: blocking https proxy requests
  • fix: date range issues in reports
  • fix: other minor changes

What's new in Work Examiner 3.x versions?

June 16, 2015

Work Examiner 3.6 updated (build 422)

  • fix: blank screenshots (upload crashes via ftp)
  • fix: Trend Micro, McAfee and some other antivirus spftware false positive for nfapi.dll file
  • fix: improved webapp filters UI
  • fix: other minor changes

May 04, 2015

Work Examiner 3.6 updated (build 420)

  • new: user-based client options
  • new: category column in all Activity reports
  • new: local traffic web filtering
  • fix: other minor changes

February 04, 2015

Work Examiner 3.6 updated (build 418)

  • new: centralized Client Options management
  • fix: web filter enhancements
  • fix: other minor changes

December 02, 2014

Web filtering software: Simple and easy

Sometime we all need to filter certain things – be it in daily life or even something connected to work in office. We offer you our specifically designed internet filter software for home and office use which will help you to sort out whatever you need in a simple and easy way.

October 17, 2013

How to Increase Employee Productivity with Work Examiner software

For managers who must scrutinize their employees work performance to make sure they are not Facebooking and Twittering throughout the day, will find that monitoring software is the solution. Many small and large businesses have heard about and use Work Examiner, a top-notch professional workplace nanny that assist HR departments with keeping their employees focused on what they should be doing, which is working.

March 15, 2013

Employee Monitoring Software Issues

Every manager dreams of perfect employees. But there are none. Thats why managers exist. They have to monitor employees to make sure they do their job and are not chatting with friends over the phone. They have to analyze employee performance to see who works effectively and deserves a raise, and whose work is not satisfactory.

April 2, 2011


Employee internet monitoring software tells you everything your employees are doing online during the working hours. It provides answers to questions facing the employers, or managers in the corporate sector every day. You can get this information at any moment in real time or by a schedule. It's also possible to restrict access to the internet by setting up a list of "allowed" websites and time slots within which these URLs can be visited.


Employee monitoring software comes in all shapes and sizes but the most powerful and flexible tool remains to be Work Examiner. It provides the employer with a visual verification of what's going on at every computer in the company. It has a built-in report master that'll build various internet usage reports by different criteria.